How very.

Heathers The Musical is in Milton Keynes this week. (Tuesday 16 – Saturday 20 November 2021).

Based on the 1988 cult film Heathers which starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, in one of the darkest teen high school films.

OOH, It is one of my absolute favourites. Stuffed full of witty sarcastic lines, twisted humour and a plot that will make you say WHUUT!?

But it’s more than the shocking one liners too. Delving into mental health, suicide, bullying and the inner longing for the world to be just!

Heathers The Musical delivers the Heathers experience that fans of the film will be looking for, and more. *jazz hands*

Being invisible is not enough at Westerberg High, every student is on the receiving end of something they didn’t ask for, except the Heathers. The most popular girls in school, who seem immune to the teenage problems that Veronica Sawyer can’t wait to be rid of.

Succeeding in becoming the Heather’s newest addition, Veronica finds out that she doesn’t much like her new friends and how they aren’t immune to school life but more the core of the problem.

Then Veronica falls for dangerous new boy Jason “J.D.” Dean who seems to avoid school trouble, not by fitting in, but by lashing out, and leaves Veronica questioning her own morality.

While chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, J.D. is definitely the chaos that could kill, period.

Then what?

Although a Veronica at heart, whilst getting ready for the opening night, I couldn’t resist wearing something so red that even Heather Chandler would approve.

This is the view from my seat in the stalls K5 and K6 at Milton Keynes Theatre.

Whilst I was skeptical how the dark film would transform into a musical, within minutes of curtain up, it felt like it had always been a musical.

The show is packed full of slick songs, the sassiest of hip thrusts and some very nifty visuals.

Rebecca Wickes as Veronica Sawyer 💙 and Maddison Firth as Heather Chandler ❤️ give outstanding performances. I feel extremely lucky to have seen these two women in the roles, they were 🙌🏼 and they (and the whole cast) were so deserving of the standing ovation they received at the end.

With emotional moments that will make you remember the deepest lovestruck teenage angst, to gasps (did they really say that? can you say that?!) that is part of why Heathers is such a cult favourite now.

Heathers The Musical teaches real life. Real life sucks you dry. You want to **** with eagles, you have to learn to fly.

So grab your corn nuts, open your mineral water, and fly to catch it at MK Theatre whilst you can.

Tickets were kindly gifted by Milton Keynes Theatre but they don’t have any control over what I post, or say about the performance – that’s all me! Thank you.