(and this time the grass will be greener!)

Residents of Milton Keynes may well be used to seeing robots moving around the city’s redways but very soon they’ll be seeing them off-road too.

ANNOUNCED this morning STARSHEEP ROBOTS are being recruited to take care of the city’s grass cutting. 

Milton Keynes boasts more grass than any other town in the UK but one of the problems of having so much lawn on your turf is keeping it trim. Enter Starsheep!

Cleverly disguised to look like sheep, these robotic mowers will keep the grass trim, harking a firm baa-bye to petrol mowers, whilst their natural sheep-like looks will be in keeping with the towns rural aesthetic. 

Metal teeth in the sheep’s heads will provide a consistent grass cutting, whilst their legs will help them roam the area using state of the art GPRS star sheep satellites. 

Each sheep unit will be self-dependant, powered by solar energy and will contain an internal baa-ttery to ensure they keep munching around the clock. 

Ewen in charge of the initiative has said the sheep can’t wait to get their teeth into their new project.

With the dependancy on fossil fuels needing to be sharply curbed due to the ongoing fuel crisis, this has ensured all hooves are pressed farmly on the fast forward to get the sheep in position in a matter of weeks.

Starsheep are keen to make MK residents aware, whilst a family trip to visit these sheep might be appealing, these robotic sheep are not suitable for petting. Solar powered sounds harmless but their razor grass chomping teeth, are not! 

Brand new signage will be placed across Milton Keynes to keep residents alert and also provide contact information if you come across a sheep that needs assistance. 

We have been told – If in doubt, look for the eyes. Starsheep robotic sheep grass cutters will have red LED eyes and a loud BAA alarm cry to deter passers by from getting too close. 

Instead children can watch the sheep working on a specially set up ‘EweTube’ where visitors can watch the sheep robots working which will be running 24/7 on

Starsheep are teamed up with MK Council and The Parks Trust here in Milton Keynes and will be released sometime in the summer. Cutting grass AND costs. 

What do EWE think about that?!