Look what’s making a splash in MK this week πŸ’¦

Singin’ In The Rain is one of those things that might be more famous by name than what it actually is. More famous for being a song than a whole motion picture or a musical. Well, if you’re an uncultured millennial such as myself that much might be true. So, what’s it all about?

Set in the 20’s. The 1920’s. Which to me is the real 20’s, not the whaaaaaatttt the —- 20’s, that is our present day.

We are in 1920’s Hollywood, with all the glitz, beautiful clothes, music and slick moves that you can conjure up on a Pinterest board.

And we are here to witness the shift and evolution of film, from silent movies into ‘talkies’, where speech can be recorded alongside moving pictures for the very first time. Sounds exciting, right? Especially if you’re the biggest silent film stars in Hollywood. But, what if you have all the body of Darth Vadar like David Prowse but none of the James Earl Jones lungs? Might’ve worked in silent movies but not anymore and there’s a twist in your plot for Singin’ In The Rain.

As you can now imagine there’s room for humour and in Singin’ In The Rain there’s a downpour of it!

Whilst there’s lots of slick one liners from all the characters, its Lina Lamont (below) played by special guest star Faye Tozer who had me chuckling the most.

Faye Tozer you might know as Faye from Steps! And however much an acclaimed and golden theatre career Faye Tozer has away from the charts, she will always be a queen of pop to me. 😍✨ It was most wonderful to see Faye on stage (my first time when its not a Steps concert) and she was fab (and a hoot!).

But this production doesn’t hinge its success on one amazing guest star, the cast of Singin’ In The Rain are immensely talented and funny in each of theirs own rights.

Each number has you gawping at what magic Sam Lips, Charlotte Gooch and Ross McLaren are spinning around to and never once does anyone ever look out of breath (which they blooming’ well should – they’re shimmying enough to knock you into the next decade!).

Couple that talent with some seriously breathtaking special effects and a whole lotta rain that looks (and feels if you’re in the front few rows πŸ˜‚) quite spectacular inside of a theatre.

And what you’re left with is an undeniably enjoyable piece of musical theatre. Even if you’re not sure the old school 20s Hollywood vibe is for you, I bet you’ll find it hard to not enjoy the glorious feeling and be happy again. πŸ₯°

Singin’ In The Rain is at Milton Keynes Theatre Monday 11 – Saturday 16 April 2022

Running time is 2 hours 40 mins (including interval).

Tickets were kindly gifted by Milton Keynes Theatre but they have zero control over what I post, or say about the performance – that’s all me! Thank youΒ for your support.Β πŸ–€