It’s pouring with rain as I sit tucked away inside Milton Keynes Theatre but my heart is breaking in Paris.

Nobody move there’s blood on the floor – and I can’t find my heart. That song snippet has been stuck in my head for a while now, well, now I have a reason why. La bohème broke it and it’s been left somewhere on the streets of Paris.

From Paris to Milton Keynes Theatre, where I left last night unexpectedly smushed by day two of Glyndebourne’s 2022 tour week in MK.

La bohème is an opera by Italian composer. A romantic opera, so powerful that even if are not fluent in Italian to follow the words, you are still guaranteed to have your emotions stirred.

Note: Don’t worry about the language at all – there’s handy English subtitles above the stage that are extremely easy to follow without distracting from the stage.

Those of you (me) who are looking for the romantic ‘pretty woman’ opera moment, La bohème is a brilliant one to sink your teeth into.

Set in Paris, we see struggling bohemian artists find love. Full of passion, jealousy and grief. I won’t dish spoilers but maybe enough is said that musicals Moulin Rouge and Rent are likened to have taken inspiration from La bohème.

La boheme by Puccini, Glyndebourne, 6 June 2022.

This Glyndebourne production is brand new in 2022 from director Floris Visser.

Visser’s simple staging contains plenty enough to transport the audience to Paris though. Missing is all the material things and instead what we see are all the real, the necessaries, not just for the story but for life. Candlesticks for light, fire for warmth and food for survival. La bohème is an opera about the fundamentals of life and that is beautifully done by Glyndebourne.

And as the story progressed and what looked like real snow fell magically from the skies – I shivered!

I truly witnessed the seasons of love (and life).

La boheme by Puccini, Glyndebourne, 6 June 2022.

And if you’re anything like me, as soon as I saw those red balloons the tension never left me. Well, they float!

Catch La bohème on Saturday 5 November before the candle is blown out in Milton Keynes. 💔

La boheme, Glyndebourne, 6 June 2022.

Glyndebourne are at Milton Keynes Theatre Tuesday 1 – Saturday 5 November 2022

La bohème is on Wednesday 2 and Saturday 5 November 2022 only

Tickets were kindly gifted by Milton Keynes Theatre but they have zero control over what I post, or say about the performance – that’s all me! Thank you for your support. 🖤