Watching the famous children’s book live on stage was a feast for the whole family

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is an iconic children’s book. Do you remember it from being a kid? I know I do. And my kids now do too and will probably in the future share it with their kids too. An ever looping tradition formed around nostalgia, good art and imaginative storytelling.

But even if you’ve never picked up the book before, its the story of Sophie, the little girl who has a giant tiger turn up at her house who ends up eating all their food and even drinking all the water, yup including draining their taps dry!

Live on stage there’s a few characters who make appearances including the milkman and postman, but all are brought to life by only three actors! Massive credit to the tiger himself, who is the one in and out of so many costumes that he probably did need the entire supply of food from the house just to get through the show.

We thought the show was fabulously entertaining (especially for the little ones – the intended audience). There were catchy songs, actions to do, invitations to stand up and dance, and of course, the giant tiger! He was the perfect mix of giant, cuddly, scary, wowsers of a tiger. Just like I remember from the book.

Thoroughly recommended for parents with preschool age children who will eat this show up but, with panto season just around the corner, and everyone is feeling ready to laugh and twinkle, I think you could squeeze some smiles out of your primary school children with this show, without too much of a roar.

Squish is five and Half Pint is eight and both came out beaming and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Even mum and dad did too, our icy exteriors beginning to thaw as we get ready for the mushiest wonderful Christmas time.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is at Milton Keynes Theatre Thursday 17 – Saturday 19 November 2022

Tickets were kindly gifted by Milton Keynes Theatre but they have zero control over what I post, or say about the performance – that’s all me! Thank you for your support. 🖤